The driving force behind the tobacco industry

Switzerland is home to the world’s largest cigarette companies. Philip Morris International, British American Tobacco and Japan Tobacco International have all been present on Swiss soil for many years with regional HQs, research centres and production plants scattered across the country.

The future direction of the industry is being shaped by a complex interplay of factors, including regulatory decisions, consumer behaviour, and evolving technologies. Join us at TABEXPO in Geneva for what promises to be a defining moment for major stakeholders in the tobacco manufacturing industry.

TABEXPO will unite the industry for two days to support those professionals and companies serious about being part of an innovative, vibrant and sustainable tobacco industry for many years to come.

Tab Expo 153 MG 5913 min
Tab Expo 104 U9 A7496 min
Tab Expo 301 MG 6072 min

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Join the likes of Tabacum, BMJ, Kavex, Zilong, Brasfumo and MXTobacco to showcase your products to an engaged audience of tobacco manufacturers with real buying power.

Whether you want to speak in a conference or find out how showcase your services and products, complete our information request form for further information on TABEXPO 2025.

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